“…I try not to separate my work, my films from how I live...not to make a difference between my films and my life. Cinema requires sacrifice of the self, I should belong to it, it should not belong to me...Cinema uses my life, not vice-versa....” I am an award-winning director based in Budapest, London and Stockholm. My upbringing can be traced back to Sweden where I was born, though I grew up in Hungary where I gained a British education at the British International School, Budapest where I completed the IB Diploma. I attended the University of the Arts London where I obtained my BA Degree, following which I graduated as a director in the M.A Programme of the prestigious Stockholm Academy of the Dramatic Arts.   My short films: Agape, DonkeyXote and Dark Chamber have received numerous screenings all over the world and multiple prestigious awards. I have worked with such cornerstone figures in the industry as: Annie Lebovitz, Colin Arthur, Ray Harryhausen.

Ottó J Bánovits
Otto J Banovits